I am an Orthodox deacon from Hawaii who lives in Western Massachusetts. I graduated from Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in 2015.

My hobbies are learning languages (currently Russian and Japanese), taking walks (not as often as I should) and writing (the same).

My previous blog, Jordanville Journal, was written for people interested in the goings-on connected to my alma mater, Holy Trinity Seminary, as well as that of the Monastery. But I am no longer part of that world, and since leaving last year to get married and become an independent member of society (what the Japanese call a 社会人, lit. “Society person”) I have returned only twice. So, I am deprived of one key source of writing inspiration.

And yet I am drawn back to write, in those moments when my mind is not occupied by the duties and distractions of this world. Writing and publishing makes me feel connected to people, and I hope my readers feel the same way.


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